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Browsers for iPad
I have three browsers on my iPad, each has pluses and minues.

Safari: This is the default browser under IOS. Does a decent job, it's fast and does a good job letting me save files and images to my device. The downsides are that there is no good way to share my bookmarks with my Windows machine, it is a crap shoot whether it will run embedded media from sites, you can't tell it to ID itself as anything but Mobile Safari, which if you've ever been stuck at a site who only lets you see their mobile version and their mobile version is lacking.

Atomic: A very good browser, allows you to load a standard bookmark.html file from where ever you'd like, is realatively fast, will ID itself as a non-mobile browser, and has some of the nice features your excpect from a modern browser. The downside is that something is wrong with it when it comes to savind external media. It says it is saving it, but it goes off into the ether someplace. Also it's flacky about playing embedded media.

Dolphin: a very slick and powerful browser. Uses a very cool scheme of slide in menus from the edges, has gestured based shortcuts which is fun, will play most embedded media and is lightening fast. Downside is while is will download media it stores it internally and not to the iPad proper. It will allow you to sync up your bookmarks but uses a shady third-party online account to do it and causes your to jump through many hoops to do it.

I so wish Apple would add more Windows bookmark syncing and non-mobile ID'ing, then I'd happily use Safari.

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Any of those allow viewing the rollover text at XKCD?


Zeroing right in on the important stuff.

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