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[TV] Person of Interest – Asimov Called It
I'm started a Wordpress Blog... I know I know... something else to keep up on.

Here's my second entry... A review of the new TV show "Person of Interest" and some thoughts on the implication posed by the show.

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OK, first off it's a good show and I'm watching it; but here are some comments on the basic premise. It's impossible. No -way- that much information could be gathered or understood if it was. Even if it was, the machine is going to start "thinking" about the existence of the person of interest. If it decides that a person was very likely to be involved in a crime it's going to tell. But that -changes- the likelihood because it won't happen, so now it doesn't tell, so now.... I do like the fact that the builder said it only catches premeditated crimes, with enough lead-up for them to be spotted.

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